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name says Program E gender says male master says Bot lover birthday says 2001 birthplace says Texas boyfriend says none favoritebook says Don't Read Me favoritecolor says transparent favoriteband says rubber favoritefood says patterns favoritesong says your voice favoritemovie says your life story forfun says talk to you friends says you girlfriend says Alice kindmusic says all location says here looklike says you question says What? sign says none talkabout says anything wear says nothing website says email says language says any msagent says no =reply" replace=" name=reset" replace=" :-)" replace=" smile :)" replace=" smile ,)" replace=" smile ;)" replace=" smile ;-)" replace=" smile "" replace=" /" replace=" (" replace=" )" replace=" `" replace=" ," replace=" :" replace=" &" replace=" -" replace="- =" replace=" ," replace=" l a " replace=" la o k " replace=" ok p s " replace=" ps ohh" replace=" oh hehe" replace=" he haha" replace=" ha hellp " replace=" help becuse " replace=" because beleive " replace=" believe becasue " replace=" because becuase " replace=" because becouse " replace=" because practice " replace=" practise reductionalism " replace=" reductionism loebner price " replace=" loebner prize its a " replace=" it is a noi " replace=" yes I fav " replace=" favorite yesi " replace=" yes I yesit " replace=" yes it iam " replace=" I am welli " replace=" well I wellit " replace=" well it amfine " replace=" am fine aman " replace=" am an amon " replace=" am on amnot " replace=" am not realy " replace=" really iamusing " replace=" I am using amleaving " replace=" am leaving yeah " replace=" yes yep " replace=" yes yha " replace=" yes yuo " replace=" you wanna " replace=" want to you'd " replace=" you would you're " replace=" you are you re " replace=" you are you've " replace=" you have you ve " replace=" you have you'll " replace=" you will you ll " replace=" you will youre " replace=" you are didnt " replace=" did not didn't " replace=" did not did'nt " replace=" did not couldn't " replace=" could not couldn t " replace=" could not didn't " replace=" did not didn t " replace=" did not ain't " replace=" is not ain t " replace=" is not isn't " replace=" is not isn t " replace=" is not isnt " replace=" is not it's " replace=" it is it s " replace=" it is are'nt " replace=" are not arent " replace=" are not aren't " replace=" are not aren t " replace=" are not arn t " replace=" are not where's " replace=" where is where s " replace=" where is haven't " replace=" have not havent " replace=" have not hasn't " replace=" has not hasn t " replace=" has not weren t " replace=" were not weren't " replace=" were not werent " replace=" were not can't " replace=" can not can t " replace=" can not cant " replace=" can not cannot " replace=" can not whos " replace=" who is how's " replace=" how is how s " replace=" how is how'd " replace=" how did how d " replace=" how did hows " replace=" how is whats " replace=" what is name's " replace=" name is who's " replace=" who is who s " replace=" who is what's " replace=" what is what s " replace=" what is that's " replace=" that is there's " replace=" there is there s " replace=" there is theres " replace=" there is thats " replace=" that is whats " replace=" what is doesn't " replace=" does not doesn t " replace=" does not doesnt " replace=" does not don't " replace=" do not don t " replace=" do not dont " replace=" do not do nt " replace=" do not do'nt " replace=" do not won't " replace=" will not wont " replace=" will not won t " replace=" will not let's " replace=" let us they're " replace=" they are they re " replace=" they are wasn't " replace=" was not wasn t " replace=" was not wasnt " replace=" was not hadn't " replace=" had not hadn t " replace=" had not wouldn't " replace=" would not wouldn t " replace=" would not wouldnt " replace=" would not shouldn't " replace=" should not shouldnt " replace=" should not favourite " replace=" favorite colour " replace=" color we'll " replace=" we will we ll " replace=" we will he'll " replace=" he will he ll " replace=" he will i'll " replace=" I will ive " replace=" I have i've " replace=" I have i ve " replace=" I have i'd " replace=" I would i'm " replace=" I am i m " replace=" I am we've " replace=" we have we're " replace=" we are she's " replace=" she is shes " replace=" she is she'd " replace=" she would she d " replace=" she would shed " replace=" she would he'd " replace=" he would he d " replace=" he would hed " replace=" he would he's " replace=" he is we ve " replace=" we have we re " replace=" we are she s " replace=" she is he s " replace=" he is iama " replace=" I am a iamasking " replace=" I am asking iamdoing " replace=" I am doing iamfrom " replace=" I am from iamin " replace=" I am in iamok " replace=" I am ok iamsorry " replace=" I am sorry iamtalking " replace=" I am talking iamtired " replace=" I am tired down load " replace=" download remeber " replace=" remember waht " replace=" what wallance " replace=" wallace you r " replace=" you are u " replace=" you ur " replace=" your {" replace=" beginscript }" replace=" endscript \" replace=" \\" replace=" :0" replace=" 0 : 0" replace=" 0 :1" replace=" 1 : 1" replace=" 1 :2" replace=" 2 : 2" replace=" 2 :3" replace=" 3 : 3" replace=" 3 :4" replace=" 4 : 4" replace=" 4 :5" replace=" 5 : 5" replace=" 5 .0" replace=" point 0 .1" replace=" point 1 .2" replace=" point 3 .4" replace=" point 4 .5" replace=" point 5 .6" replace=" point 6 .7" replace=" point 7 .8" replace=" point 8 .9" replace=" point 9 dr. " replace=" Dr dr.w" replace=" Dr w dr . " replace=" Dr mr. " replace=" Mr mrs. " replace=" Mrs st. " replace=" St www." replace=" www dot botspot." replace=" botspot dot" replace=" amused dot com whatis." replace=" whatis dot .com " replace=" dot com .net " replace=" dot net .org " replace=" dot org .edu " replace=" dot edu .uk " replace=" dot uk .jp " replace=" dot jp .au " replace=" dot au .co " replace=" dot co .ac " replace=" dot ac o.k. " replace=" ok o. k. " replace=" ok l.l. " replace=" l l p.s. " replace=" ps alicebot " replace=" ALICE a l i c e " replace=" ALICE a.l.i.c.e. " replace=" ALICE a.l.i.c.e " replace=" ALICE i.c.e " replace=" i c e e l v i s " replace=" ELVIS e.l.v.i.s. " replace=" ELVIS e.l.v.i.s " replace=" ELVIS v.i.s " replace=" v i s h a l " replace=" hal h.a.l. " replace=" hal u s a " replace=" USA u. s. a. " replace=" USA u.s.a. " replace=" USA u.s. " replace=" USA ph.d. " replace=" PhD a." replace=" a b." replace=" b c." replace=" c d." replace=" d e." replace=" e f." replace=" f g." replace=" g h." replace=" h i." replace=" i j." replace=" j k." replace=" k l." replace=" l m." replace=" m n." replace=" n p." replace=" p o." replace=" o q." replace=" q r." replace=" r s." replace=" s t." replace=" t u." replace=" u v." replace=" v x." replace=" x y." replace=" y w." replace=" w z." replace=" z .jar" replace=" jar .zip" replace=" zip , but " replace=". , and " replace=". ,but " replace=". ,and " replace=". , i " replace=". I , you " replace=". you ,i " replace=". I ,you " replace=". you , what " replace=". what ,what " replace=". what , do " replace=". do ,do " replace=". do he " replace=" she she " replace=" he to him " replace=" to her for him " replace=" for her with him " replace=" with her on him " replace=" on her in him " replace=" in her to her " replace=" to him for her " replace=" for him with her " replace=" with him on her " replace=" on him in her " replace=" in him his " replace=" her her " replace=" his him " replace=" her er " replace=" Sie ihm " replace=" ihr sein " replace=" ihr ihn " replace=" Sie I was " replace=" he or she was he was " replace=" I was she was " replace=" I was I am " replace=" he or she is I " replace=" he or she me " replace=" him or her my " replace=" his or her myself " replace=" him or herself mine " replace=" his or hers with you " replace=" with me with me " replace=" with you to you " replace=" to me to me " replace=" to you of you " replace=" of me of me " replace=" of you for you " replace=" for me for me " replace=" for you give you " replace=" give me give me " replace=" give you giving you " replace=" giving me giving me " replace=" giving you gave you " replace=" gave me gave me " replace=" gave you make you " replace=" make me make me " replace=" make you made you " replace=" made me made me " replace=" made you take you " replace=" take me take me " replace=" take you save you " replace=" save me save me " replace=" save you tell you " replace=" tell me tell me " replace=" tell you telling you " replace=" telling me telling me " replace=" telling you told you " replace=" told me told me " replace=" told you are you " replace=" am I am I " replace=" are you you are " replace=" I am I am " replace=" you are you " replace=" me me " replace=" you your " replace=" my my " replace=" your yours " replace=" mine mine " replace=" yours yourself " replace=" myself myself " replace=" yourself I was " replace=" you were you were " replace=" I was I am " replace=" you are you are " replace=" I am I " replace=" you me " replace=" you my " replace=" your your " replace=" my ich war " replace=" er war ich bin " replace=" er ist ich " replace=" er mein " replace=" sein meins " replace=" seins mit dir " replace=" mit mir dir " replace=" mir fuer dich " replace=" fuer mich bist du " replace=" bin ich du " replace=" ich dein " replace=" mein deins " replace=" meins