Input your login: we will harden the login so you can send it to us.

Give us some time to add the sha256 you sent us, then check it here...

input a new login secret password please

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using default secret_password

Randomized and not to be put into plain text, opps, base64_encode = salt = uT7MlMeW9m3Ke7IBe6HxuNHReWp6XSC9
base64_decode of above salt = >̔ǖm{{yjz]

Creating new hash:
Secret password for login from new customer = secret_password
Key streatch hardened against brute-force attacks type password for our customer database= sha256:1000:+AYz9wb/JcUcia7PBFGnJIteT8dvzWnV:adNArGJ5qGNVwKw83jF9T1zxphfqIHle
Test results : login is secret_password, send us the hardened sha256 password, then it will equal one in our database.
Test vector raw output FAIL, good we tested to see FAIL.
Test vector hex output FAIL, good we tested to see FAIL.
Test correct password PASS.
Test a wrong password, PASS, good it is the wrong password.
Test a bad hash, PASS, good it is a bad hash.
OK you got a hardened sha256:1000:+AYz9wb/JcUcia7PBFGnJIteT8dvzWnV:adNArGJ5qGNVwKw83jF9T1zxphfqIHle
so send it to us, enter it in second box and click, Check database

Visualize this hardened sha256 for OCR usage.